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A Special Needs School in the Athlone District, Cape Town.

Headmaster : Mr A Gradwell
Lower Klipfontein Road, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town, South Africa
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School Uniform & Fees

School Uniform

Wearing of the official school uniform is compulsory for all learners. By wearing the school uniform, learners identify with the school community and a strong sense of identity is formed.

Wearing a common uniform also improves the behaviour of the learners.

Learners will not be allowed to wear the following items:

  1. Beenies or Hoodies
  2. Different coloured shirts, jerseys or tracksuit tops.
  3. Tackies
  4. Earings
  5. Gold chains
  6. Gang affiliation items
  7. Gold teeth
  8. Dyed hair

The following is the official school clothing:

Grey skirt
White shirt
White socks
Black shoes
Navy blue jersey

Grey pants
White shirt
Grey socks
Black shoes
Navy blue jersey

During winter only the official school tracksuit can be worn.

Parents who cannot afford any of the school uniform items, must make an appointment to see the bursar of the school to make alternate arrangements with the school.

School Fees

The payment of school fees is compulsory. Parents/guardians must make every effort to pay their school fees. The school fees goes towards paying for the daily operating costs of the school. The school receives a financial subsidy from the Western Cape Education Department. However, this amount falls well short of the amount required by the school to maintain the operating needs of the school.

There are three sets of fees payable at school:
1. Tuition
2. Transport
3. Hostel Accommodation

General School Fee: (Tuition + Transport) = R800,00 per annum
Hostel Accommodation: R2000,00 per annum

Exemption from School Fees

Parents/guardians who have proof that their child has been exempt from school fees must provide such proof to the school's secretary.

Parents/guardians can apply to be exempt from school fees by requesting an exemption form from the school bursar. All requests for exemption from school fees must be handed in at the school's office by the 28th February of every year.

The School Governing Body will make the final decision and provide the parent/guardian with a response in writing.