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A Special Needs School in the Athlone District, Cape Town.

Headmaster : Mr A Gradwell
Lower Klipfontein Road, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town, South Africa
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Parent / Guardian Support

The school has an active programme throughout the year providing parents/guardians with support through a large encounter group style programme.

These programmes are run by the staff of the school on Saturdays and have been a valuable source of inspiration to the parents/ guardians that attend.

The support programme exposes parents/guardians to a variety of subjects that pertains to the care and management of their child and themselves. Information that is shared is basic, and conveyed in easy to understand language, thereby enabling all parents to understand the topics under discussion.

Parents/guardians also have an opportunity to raise their concerns and are able to make an appointment with staff for further guidance on matters that concern them.