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A Special Needs School in the Athlone District, Cape Town.

Headmaster : Mr A Gradwell
Lower Klipfontein Road, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town, South Africa
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Medical Support

The school has a professional nurse who manages the overall health and medical strategy of the school.

The school nurse is not there to take care of the medical needs of your child. The parent/guardian has a legal obligation to take care of the health needs of their child.

The school nurse forms part of the multi-functional team and offers the following services to learners and parents:

  • Administration of medication to learners as prescribed by a medical doctor
  • Referral of learners to outside agencies for further assistance
  • Counselling of parents and learners with regard to certain medical needs/conditions
  • Contacting parents in the event of a learner becoming ill or injured at school
  • Advising parents/guardians on any general health issue affecting their child that has a bearing on their education
  • Providing an advisory service for the filling in of grant forms

Parents/guardians are required to do the following regarding the health of their child:

  • If your child is ill, keep your child at home until they have recovered fully
  • If your child is on chronic medication such as Ritalin, then you need to disclose such information to the school nurse and provide the school with all relevant medical documentation
  • No child may administer their own medication at school

The school offers a preventative not a curative health service. Parents/guardians need to take their children to a medical practitioner themselves.