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A Special Needs School in the Athlone District, Cape Town.

Headmaster : Mr A Gradwell
Lower Klipfontein Road, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town, South Africa
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School Hostels & Transport

School Hostels

Admission to the Hostels

Admission to the school's hostel for residential stay is a carefully managed process.

It involves the following:

  1. Parents or primary caregivers attend an intake interview during which a detailed evaluation of the learner's and family's needs is undertaken by the Multi-Functional Team of the school.
  2. The school may request a social worker's report since most of the admissions are requested by social services or though the legal system.
  3. Some learners may be admitted due to impoverished social circumstances. The school will require approval from social services for such an admission together with a social worker's report.
  4. Certain learner's live far distances away from the school where there is no special school or special class unit that can accommodate them. These learners are accommodated at our school in the hostels at the request of the Western Cape Education Department. Generally these learners live in excess of 100km from the school.

Parents have to sign an agreement binding them to the rules and regulations that govern the operations of the hostel.

Management of the School Hostels

The Western Cape Education Department is responsible for the hostels at the school. However, the School Governing Body assumes overall responsibility for the day to day operations of the hostel and as such is ultimately responsible for the hostels. The school currently has three hostels in operation.

Hostel Staff

The following staff functions are located within the hostels:
• Senior Hostel Superintendent
• Senior Hostel Staff
• General Hostel Staff
• General Cleaners
• Kitchen Staff

School Transport

The school operates a fleet of 9 buses. Upon being admitted to the school, an attempt is made to place needy learners on a bus closest to their home. Placement on the school bus is not a right and depends on the availability of space on a bus.

Parents/guardians must keep in mind that the school does not have a policy of picking learners up at home. It is expected that all learners are to come to a pick up point where they will dropped off in the afternoon. Parents/Guardians must ensure that a responsible adult collects their child in the afternoon at the drop off point. In the event that a responsible person is not on time at the drop off point, the learner will be returned to school and will stay at the school hostel until the parents collect their child themselves. If this situation should persist, then the learner will be removed from the bus and a meeting will be held with the responsible parents/ guardian.

All learners are expected to behave responsibly on the bus and if they should be disruptive, verbally abusive or cause the bus to be endangered, they will be removed from the bus and a meeting held with the parent/guardian.

Where required the School Principal reserves the right to remove a learner permanently from a school bus.

We appeal to parents to be patient when a bus is running late. Occasionally we have buses that break down or the driver becomes ill. This results in buses not going out or learners are collected later and dropped at home earlier.

Please contact the Deputy Principal for any queries.