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A Special Needs School in the Athlone District, Cape Town.

Headmaster : Mr A Gradwell
Lower Klipfontein Road, Athlone, 7764, Cape Town, South Africa
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Admission Process


  • The school receives your application for admission from the Education Department.
  • The multi-functional team of the school screens your application.
  • The school provides the parents/guardian or referring agency with a date for an intake Interview.
  • The school will request all relevant documentation such as additional reports, birth certificate and clinic card.
  • Your child must be able to walk, be fully toilet trained, able to socialize and become independent and not be older than 12 years.


  • The parents/guardian complete the school admission and CEMIS forms.
  • Initial screening through the intake interview by the school.
  • In attendance, teacher (HOD), nurse, therapists, psychologist and where possible the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Observation Period:

  • During this period the child will be observed and evaluated by the teacher, therapists, psychologist and nursing sister.
  • The observation period may be three months. The time frame may be extended or shortened depending upon the nature of the learner's needs.

Final Decision:

  • At a feedback meeting attended by the multi-professional team and the learner's parents, the parents are presented with the findings of the multi-professional team.
  • When a learner is accepted, a full discussion regarding the educational and support programme to follow is formulated.
  • Should the learner be found unsuitable for admission, that is, too high or too low functioning, disruptive behaviour that cannot be supported or a general medical condition that cannot be supported, the parents are to be supported in finding alternative placement.
  • The referring agency will be informed.